Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) Checks Clarification from Ofsted

Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks for trainee teachers – clarification

Ofsted have received the following query regarding their safeguarding guidance:

In the briefing for section 5 inspectors on safeguarding children, it says in Annex 2, 'Inspectors should not ask for the CRB forms of trainees on initial teacher education courses. It is the initial teacher education provider's responsibility, not the school's, to ensure that these checks are made.'


Please would you clarify whether this is true for trainee teachers on an employment based route to QTS, such as GPT?

Ofsted Answer:

Trainees on an employment based route are employed by the school and must be treated as school employees for the purposes of CRB checks and they should be recorded on the SCR.

Ofsted will be updating the safeguarding guidance in April to clarify this requirement.

Retention of Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) certificates

Schools should not retain original CRB disclosure certificates once the checks are completed. The CRB code of practice states that original certificates should be destroyed within six months. Osfted will update their safeguarding guidance in April to reflect this. For more information visit:

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