Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Headteacher Candidate Interview Questions

Last Saturday I blogged about the process to recruit a new Head teacher


In the fourth and final part of the new Head Teacher recruitment process we cover off the final formal interview with the remaining Head teacher candidates.

1. What do enjoy most/least in your current job? What jobs go to the bottom of the pile? What influences the volume and quality of your work output?

2. What parts put you under the most pressure? What do you do to help you cope with the pressures? What makes you laugh?

3. Why are you interested in this job? Why here? Why now?

4.In what ways should the Headteacher of a school know about the quality and effectiveness of the curriculum delivery and also ensure consistently high quality teaching and learning is in place?

If you could is there a club or particular subject you would include in the school curriculum which isn’t there already? Why?

5. What do you consider are the key responsibilities for a Governing body and how do you see the role of the Headteacher in working with Governors?

6. How would you foster good relationships with parents?

7. A number of adults work in this school. How would you make sure they all act consistently and share the same values and attitudes?

What experience have you had in managing competency. What steps would you take when a senior manager/teacher were not effective?

8. What are the main outcomes for schools’ safeguarding processes and keeping children safe? What do you understand by safer recruitment processes?

9. What do you consider are the key strategies for closing the gap in educational achievement for children living in poverty? Provide some examples of your role within this agenda in your current school

10. What measures, In conjunction with your SENCO would you use to monitor the progress of SEN pupils? and what strategies would you put in place to ensure levels of intervention are appropriate?

11. What words would your current boss/colleagues use to describe you?

12. In as few words as possible what do you think is the most important aspect of teaching/education/school life?

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