Monday, 31 January 2011

Management Interview Questions for a Candidate Head Teacher

On Saturday I blogged about the process to recruit a new Head teacher

Yesterday I added Curriculum interview questions

Today I will cover Management interview questions used by a recent governing body selection panel.

1. Welcome & introduction of panel members

2. Could you outline your philosophy and approaches to behaviour management?

3. Tell us about a recent management initiative that has had an impact on your school and how you have dealt with it?

4. Tell us what you would do to get the best out of your staff and maintain their motivation?

5. Teachers today are subject to high levels of stress. How would you help them to manage this?

6. How do you keep your stress levels under control?

7. How would you approach this situation? A group of parents come to you with complaints about a teacher that you know is weak and has various difficulties in the classroom?

8. How would you work with the Governing Body to budget and monitor expenditure? What criteria do you think are important when monitoring the impact and effectiveness of spending decisions? How would you manage this monitoring?

9. Tell us about a failure that you have experienced. How did you deal with it and what did you learn from it?

10. How would you build relationships with our children and parents and develop the profile of the school in the local community?

11. As new technology is developed how do you expect new technologies to impact on school management?

12. What do you feel is the role of school admin staff and how would you incorporate them in your team?

13. Describe the professional relationship you would like to have with a) the governing body and b) the Chair of Governors

14. Any questions from candidate?


  1. How long do you feel the interview for a headteacher should last? (I'm referring to the formal question and answer part of the selection process)?

  2. Thanks for sharing helpful management interview questions.

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