Saturday, 1 January 2011

Will 2011 be the year of Academy Conversion?

Happy New Year everyone. What will 2011 bring to School Governors?

Will 2011 be the year of Academy Conversion for many?

In December 2010 the National Governors Association updated their Answers to our members’ questions on the Academies Act to version 9

The ninth edition of their Q&A on what the Academies Act 2010 actually means to School Governors. The latest edition has been updated to take account questions asked during the NGA’s autumn regional meetings. It also takes account of changes to the Department for Education’s website which affected the links in earlier versions of the Q&A.

This version also includes the update that the Secretary of State announced that maintained primary and secondary schools which are rated ‘Good with Outstanding Features’ by Ofsted may now apply to become Academies.

The Department for Education has a dedicated section on its website relating to academies - DfE Academies Information. They have produced Q&As DfE Academies Q&A and guidance for schools wishing to convert DfE How to become an Academy. The DfE continue to update their information which can be found here.

The NGA Q&A aims to include advice and guidance for governing bodies considering undertaking the process with particular emphasis on the issues a governing body needs to consider before making a decision; whereas the DfE guidance in effect starts from the point of the governing body having made that decision.


Academy Act 2010

Department of Education Information on Academies

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Department of Education How to become an Academy

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