Friday, 28 January 2011

Making Sense of School Performance Data

School Governors need to be satisfied that their schools are reaching high enough standards and exceeding national thresholds and that this demonstrates at least satisfactory and preferably better progress for all groups of pupils, given their starting points when they joined school
Data alone is simply not enough to make the judgement but needs to be balanced by an understanding of the wider issues facing the school. In addition, an understanding of the quality of the school’s provision including teaching and learning, the curriculum and care support and guidance.

In order to support and challenge effectively school governors need to ask three key questions:

1 What is the context of our school and how does this compare to other schools?

2 What do our pupils attain in each year group and in national tests?

3 What progress do our pupils make given their starting points?

The full advice ‘Making Sense of School Performance Data’ 47 page paper produced by Learn Together Partnership and provided online by Cheshire East Governors can be downloaded here[1].pdf

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