Friday, 7 January 2011

Questions School governors might ask their Head Teacher

Questions School governors might ask their Head Teacher

o Are standards at the end of Key Stage 1 or 2 declining or improving?

o Are targets likely to be met?

o Are outcomes likely to exceed FFTB (Fischer Family Trust B Targets) or FFTD (Fischer Family Trust D targets) estimates?

o Are the outcomes different for individual subjects/groups of children?
Examples could be Boys v Girls, Summer Borns, Free School meals (FSM),English not as first Language, Traveller community,

o What additional steps are being taken to 'close the gap' for these children?

o Are the right priorities identified in the improvement plan or School Development Plan?

o What are the key actions/programmes/interventions planned to address these?

o How will the impact of these actions/interventions be monitored/by whom/when?

o Do we need to make changes to current provision/resource deployment given the needs within each year group?

o Is spending correctly prioritised?

o What is the profile of the quality of teaching across the school? How do you know?

o What steps will be taken to secure at least 'good' teaching in all classrooms?

o How reliable/accurate is the assessment data which is used to track individual
progress? Are there inconsistencies? If so, what is being done to tackle these?

o How often are pupil progress reviews held and how do these inform planning?

Taken from Bristol City Council Suggestions at

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