Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What is expected of a School Governor?

What is expected of a School Governor?


Attend a meeting of the full governing body at least once a term.

Join and attend at least one committee meeting per term.

Read reports and background papers prior to meetings.

Attend other School occasions such as concerts, open evenings, sports day.


Show an interest in children and their education and participate in many of the school's activities.

Attend School governors' meetings.

Readiness to accept responsibility.

Get to know the staff, the pupils and their work.

Offer support and expertise.


Follow educational news and debates.

Attend training sessions.


Work co-operatively and creatively with others.

Use personal qualities and expertise in the interest of the school, senior leadership team, its pupils and teachers.


  1. Thanks Sean, a useful clarification of expectations summarised well. Joined a governing body last autumn and still waiting to hear when my new governor training is. Also just booked on to the local annual governor's conference, so hoping to learn more there too!

  2. Thanks Debbbie, let me know how the new governor training went. Maybe I can cover it in a blog article for others.