Thursday, 27 January 2011

Education Bill First Reading

The Education Bill had it's first reading in parliament yesterday and I had my first reading of it today. The term 'governors' is just mentioned 6 times but the term 'governing body' is mentioned 93 times on a quick count.

The quick highlights are the duty for Governing body to ensure out a School profile is removed and Governing bodies can be made up of Parent Governors and the head teacher plus any other governors that the governing body see fit. For a non-foundation School there is no obligation to have Staff, Authority or Community School governors in the future.

I am still reviewing the papers to make sense of the Education bill but one omission appears to be mandatory training for Chairs of Governors was not included.

The full Education bill and explanatory notes can be found here

It is worth reading Part 5 and in particular the following pages.

Repeal of duties of governing bodies, local authorities and others

Page 30 Duties to co-operate with local authority
Page 31 Duties to have regard to children and young people’s plan
Page 32 Duty to prepare and publish school profile
Page 33 Duty to appoint school improvement partners
Page 34 Duties in relation to school admissions
page 35 Duties in relation to school meals etc

Governing bodies: constitution and dissolution

Page 37 Constitution of governing bodies: maintained schools in England
Page 38 Discontinuance of federated school: governing body not to be dissolved


  1. I am trying to imagine a governing body made up of only parent governors and the head teacher!

  2. I believe the idea is to have the head teacher, some parents but the majority of remaining governor seats filled by individuals with the correct skills e.g finance, business, building management, marketing, project managers, press relations, management & consultants.