Sunday, 9 January 2011

Governor Mark Standard

Governor Mark is a national award. It is a kite mark which provides external evaluation of the quality of School governance in a school.

The Governor Mark Standards Document is freely available to any School governing body to use as a comprehensive health check.

Should your governing body wish to apply for the award, you will find detailed guidance showing how to go about making an application in the Governor Mark Application Form.

This is a challenging award. Not only does a governing body need to show that it follows good procedures and fulfils statutory duties, but there is a high value placed on evidence of impact – the difference the governing body makes to a school.

Sometimes School governors work hard and make a real difference, but no proper record is ever made of this. Governor Mark helps to sharpen practice as well as create the framework through which governor support and challenge can be shown through real evidence.

There are two documents to support your governing body self assessment:

Governor Mark Standards Document
Gives the background to the standards, descriptions of the standards and suggestions as to evidence against each standard

Governor Mark Guidance and Application 2009/10
Offers guidance to governing bodies on how to use the standard as a self assessment tool and how to apply for accreditation against the standard.

There is also a detailed list of suggested evidence sources

Personally we used it last year as a Self assessment toolkit in a Full Governing Body workshop.

All documents can be downloaded from here

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