Friday, 11 February 2011

Academy FAQ's and Useful links

FAQ's, Links in the For, Against & Neutral

Neutral Views for Governors from the NGA & NCOGS

NGA Academies FAQ Version 9

NCOGS Academy Decision-making Process and Consultation: Process for governing body to decide whether to become an academy

NCOGS Academies: Considering the differences and implications

NCOGS Academy Law: Notes on the emerging picture

Against Camp

Anti Academy Alliance

NAHT Union

NUT teachers Union


ATL Union

Voice the Union

Three Union Letter to Chairs of Governors

Union Briefing for School Governors

For Camp

Department of Education

DfE Academies FAQ

DfE Conversion Process

Specialist Schools and Academies Truest SSAT

Church of England Academies

The National Society and Association of Anglican Diocesan Directors of Education

Catholic Education Services Views of Academies

DfE Youtube Links on Academies


Please let me know any other links I may have missed

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