Wednesday, 23 February 2011

School improvement: Living with change

Living with change

The overarching responsibility of the governing body is to keep the school developing in the context of our continually changing society. You cannot just wind up a school once and expect it to run perfectly or without stopping! In this state of constant change, schools need to use the strategic levers to make frequent adjustments.

For example, we know all too well that members of staff do not stay forever. Each vacancy is an opportunity to consider doing something strategic by reflecting on whether the job description should be changed and what kind of person the school needs now.

The process of achieving successful change or improvement can be expressed in a simple equation:


We can concentrate as much as we like on individual components, but we need to have all of them working to make real progress. If one of them is missing then the desired change will not occur.

The material in this blog article has been drawn from Joined-up Governance book by Jane Martin and Ann Holt, revised edition 2010,Adamson Publishing.

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