Thursday, 17 February 2011

Decisions which a full governing body cannot delegate

Decisions which a full governing body cannot delegate

• Head teacher and deputy head teacher appointments (The School Staffing (England) Regulations 2009 require the governing body to set up a selection panel of at least three governors. The selection panel makes recommendations concerning the appointments which have to be ratified by the full governing body);

• To consider a report about forming a federation or joining an existing
federation and to consider whether to leave a federation;

• Functions under the School Governance (Constitution) (England)Regulations 2007 and the School Governance (Procedures) (England) Regulations 2003, as amended: Namely

– To draw up an instrument of government and any amendments thereafter;

– To appoint (and remove) the chair and vice-chair of a permanent or a
temporary governing body;

– To appoint and dismiss the clerk to the governors;

– To hold a full governing body meeting at least three times in a school
year or a meeting of the temporary governing body as often as may be required;

– To appoint and remove community or sponsor governors;

– To consider whether or not to exercise delegation of functions to
individuals or committees.

• To regulate governing body procedures (where they are not set out
in law);

• To suspend a governor;

• Decisions to change the name of the school;

• Decisions to confirm serving notice of discontinuance of the school.

Taken from the The 21st Century School: Implications and Challenges
for Governing Bodies A report from the Ministerial Working Group on School Governance first published in April 2010

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