Monday, 28 February 2011

Healthy Schools : A Questions Framework for Governing Bodies

Healthy Schools : A Questions Framework for Governing Bodies

Achieving Healthy School Status

What guidance is available and how are other schools going about it?

What are our priorities in developing a Healthy School?

• Food

• Anti-Bullying

• Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

• Travel

• Environment

How can we involve pupils, parents and carers?

When will we achieve Healthy School status?

What are the barriers?

How can governors support Healthy Schools developments?

How can governors mobilise, motivate parents/carers and the wider community?

Have we got partner health professionals involved?

How will we measure the impact of Healthy School initiatives?

How can the governing body monitor progress?

How do our priorities and plans link to Service District priorities?

School Travel Plans

What are School Travel plans?

What statutory requirements do we need to meet?

What support is available to develop a School Travel Plan?

What will the benefits to the school be?

How does it affect new school buildings?

How does it fit in to the Every Child Matters agenda?

How will School Travel Plans fit into the busy curriculum?

Food in Schools

Have we got a whole-school Food Policy?

What guidance is available to help us?

Who should we involve in developing policy?

How has the school meals grant been spent?

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

Is our school involved in the SEAL project?

How confident are the staff about delivering SEAL?

Are all staff offered training opportunities? (Support staff, new staff, supply staff)

How do we seek the views of pupils?

How can we measure the things that are hard to measure.

It is often said that Governors fulfil their key roles by Asking the Right Questions.

The Questions framework above is provided by Sheffield City Council as a guide to their School Governors

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