Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Questions Framework for School Governors on Risk Management

A Questions Framework – Risk Management

Where are we now?

• Do we have a robust Risk Management Policy and process in place?

• How and to whom do we need to communicate the Policy and process?

• Does our Risk Management Policy and process support our School Improvement Priorities?

• Are there opportunities for staff and governors to discuss and understand what risks are facing the school?

• Do we track the performance of our Risk Management strategies against agreed outcomes?

Where do we want to be?

• Are our ‘significant risks’ (critical impact risks) clearly identified and mitigation actions integrated into the current years Action Plan?

• Are we confident that systems in place are effectively managing our medium and lower priority risks satisfactorily?

How are we going to get to where we want to be?

• What processes exist to embed Risk Management in to the school culture?

• How will we monitor and evaluate implementation and effectiveness of Risk Management Strategies?

• What is an appropriate review cycle (termly/annually) and who will ensure that outcomes are appropriately reviewed?

• Is there potential to attend courses/events/receive information to improve our Risk Management awareness and understanding?

• Do we get regular progress reports on Risk Management and any amendments made to the School’s Risk Register?

• Did our efforts make the difference we wanted to see (as set out in the School Risk Action Plan) and what do we do next?

• Is there any independent evaluation of our progress available?

It is often said that Governors fulfil their key roles by Asking the Right Questions.

The Questions framework above is provided by Sheffield City Council as a guide to their School Governors


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