Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Questions Framework on Target Setting for School Governors

Questions Framework for Target Setting:

What processes are in place in school to make target setting effective?

Does the school track individual pupil performance?

Does the school have intervention strategies to support underachieving pupils?

Are some groups of children performing less well than others? (boys/girls, ethnic minority pupils, Looked After Children)

Are pupils performing better in some subjects than others?

What test information is available and do we use it to predict future performance?

Will our strategies to support proposed targets benefit all children?

What do we need to know to help us put benchmarking information into context?

Are our proposed targets both challenging and realistic?

It is often said that Governors fulfil their key roles by Asking the Right Questions.

The Questions framework above is provided by Sheffield City Council as a guide to their School Governors

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