Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Family Relationships on Governing Bodies

The LA is often asked about the rules on more than one member of the same family serving on a governing body. Although there is no regulation that prohibits this, there is plenty of evidence that it creates problems. Husbands, wives or partners have been known to take it in turns to attend meetings so the full governing body was never present! That is the least damaging - there is lots of evidence of much more serious manipulation that I am unwilling to put into print.

The same applies to School governors and staff family relationships. Imagine a Governor who is married to a member of staff. The "what sort of a day have you had darling?" takes on a whole new perspective in terms of confidentiality, what is the business of the governing body and what not, conflicts of interest and so on.

I could also give examples of where this is not a problem at all and this is great but rare.

So, our advice is that such situations should be avoided if at all possible. We are not saying that the current situation must change (so no resignations) but we are saying that it should be rectified at the earliest opportunity, for example, the governor's end of term of office.

Advice by Pam Reynolds who is the School Link Officer, Governor Support for Calderdale


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