Monday, 28 March 2011

Governing Body Health Check: Signs of Effective Governance

Signs of effective governance

The Outcome

Assess the outcome of your examination of the health of your governing body.

Answer the following questions True or False in relation to your governing body.

Our meetings focus on School Improvement, Every Child Matters and Strategic Planning.

We ask challenging questions.

We discuss the School Self Evaluation form (SEF) and all governors understand our school’s strengths and areas requiring improvement.

We don’t waste time discussing operational issues that are the responsibility of the headteacher.

We review the school’s performance data thoroughly on at least an annual basis and set targets which are aspirational but achievable.

Chairs of committees take responsibility for organising committee agendas and are not overly reliant on the Headteacher.

Our leadership structure is sustainable and has the capacity to develop future school leaders.

We meet our statutory responsibilities.

Our working practice enables us to take into account the views of children and young people, their parents/carers and the community.

Meetings are well attended and all governors are prepared and make effective contributions.

We have clear terms of reference for committees and remits for governors nominated for specific tasks.

If Ofsted inspected us now we can confidently predict they would rate us: (Choose an answer below)

Inadequate 4
Satisfactory 3
Good 2
Outstanding 1

The full Governing Body Health Check Document from East Sussex County Council can be found here

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