Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Questions Framework for School Governors on Special Educational Needs

A Questions Framework for Special Educational Needs

Does the governing body have an up to date SEN policy and when is this due to be reviewed next?

Does the governing body have a nominated SEN governor who is clear about and able to fulfil their remit?

Are the governing body’s current reporting arrangements on SEN appropriate?

What funding does the school receive for SEN/AEN?

How is this funding used?


Staff training


How many pupils within each year group are on the SEN register at School Action, School Action Plus, Statemented?

What is the nature and range of special educational needs in the school?

What is the proportion of SEN children within different groups of children, e.g. boys/ girls, black and minority ethnic (BME) pupils, Looked After Children (LAC)

Does the school have particular expertise in one or more areas of SEN provision which could be shared with others?

Are there areas of SEN provision which could be improved by learning from other schools which have expertise in this area?

What links does the school have with Special schools (if mainstream) or Mainstream Schools (if special) which foster Inclusive practice.

How does this compare with other similar and neighbouring schools?

How are children with SEN performing in statutory assessments compared to other pupils?

What proportion of exclusions are children with SEN? How does this compare with the proportion of other children excluded from school?

How effective is the school in including children with SEN in mainstream provision and what provision exists for withdrawal when necessary?

Is there any variation between year groups, subjects, departments in meeting pupils’ special educational needs.

What training has been undertaken by the SENCO?

What training in SEN has been undertaken by other staff in the school, both teaching and support staff?

Do all children with SEN have an Individual Education Plan (IEP)? What are the processes and timescales for reviewing IEPs with the involvement of parents/carers?

How are Newly Qualified Teachers supported to meet the needs of children with SEN.

How does the school work in partnership with parents to help meet the needs of children with SEN?

Do parents of children with SEN have access to information about sources of advice and support?

Does the school ensure that voluntary helpers are appropriately aware of the needs of children with SEN that they work with? Are voluntary helpers used to specifically support children with SEN?

Is there an accessibility plan in place and when is this due to be reviewed.

What are the key issues in respect of SEN which need to be addressed in the School Improvement Plan and what progress has been made in addressing current SEN issues in the plan.

It is often said that Governors fulfil their key roles by Asking the Right Questions.

The Questions framework above is provided by Sheffield City Council as a guide to their School Governors

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