Tuesday, 29 March 2011

National College priorities for School Governors

The Secetary of State for Education Michael Gove wrote to Vanni Treves, Chair of the National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Services on 28th March to outline the National College's priorities for the coming year.

In relation to School Governors Mr Gove says:

School Governors

'I see a very strong relationship between governorship and leadership and expect the College to take a key role in supporting chairs of governing bodies to make sure that they have the skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake their role. Chairs of governing bodies must be able to provide strategic direction; as a 'critical friend' to the head teacher and ensure accountability. I expect you to work with my officials to agree a set of learning opportunities to help them to fulfil their role effectively.As my White Paper made clear, all schools should be working to make savings to maximise the resources they have to invest in teaching and learning.
Improving school efficiency is essential and I see this as an important element running through all of the College's work supporting school leaders and governing bodies.'

The full letter can be found here:


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  1. Recognition of and guidance specifically for Boards of Governors of non-maintained special schools would be welcome. Is anything published online?