Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Summary of Special Educational Needs (SEN) Green Paper & links

School Governors are mentioned 15 times in the SEN Green Paper and Governing Bodies just 3 times. Not bad you might think but the Green Paper is a whooping 134 pages long with 56,489 words so 18 mentions is a very small proportion that is dedicated to what role governors play in SEN provision.

The main paragraph talking about School Governors is section 3.23 reproduced below:

"School Governors are vitally important in improving outcomes for children with SEN. Many good schools have dedicated SEN Governors whose remit is to ensure that the school is held to account for improving outcomes for pupils with SEN or disabled pupils. In The Importance of Teaching, we set out the key questions that Governors should ask, including how schools can raise standards for children with SEN. We will ensure that Governors have more data so that they can provide effective support and challenge to schools, holding them to account for the progress of pupils with SEN. The National College will also provide high quality training for the chairs of Governing bodies to ensure that they can carry out their role effectively."

A Summary to what has changed:

SEN Statements will be replaced by a new single assessment process and a combined ‘education, care and health’ plan

Parents will be given their own budgets by 2014, giving them control over their child’s funding

Assessment plans will run from birth to 25 years old

Outside organisations will be able to bid to run Every Child A Talker, Every Child A Readers and Every Child Counts programmes.

Phonics-based training will be offered to children who need extra help in reading SEN specialists will contribute to work developing the reading test for six-year-olds to identify children who need extra support.

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