Friday, 13 May 2011

Most important elements of effective governance

Most important elements of effective School governance

• clearly defined roles and responsibilities

• strong leadership

• a chair of governors who can effectively lead and manage the governing body

• good communication between the headteacher and governing body

• the headteacher being supported

• a shared and common vision for the school

• the regular monitoring of performance data, school improvement plans and targets

The most frequently cited important elements by school governors and govrnance coordinators were:

• a productive working relationship between the governing body and the senior leadership team

• an effective chair of governors

• an effective clerk to support the governing body

• governors having a clear understanding of their role and its limits.

Nearly three¬quarters of governors (73 per cent) reported that a productive relationship with the senior leadership team was the most important element of an effective governing body. While coordinators also saw this as important, this was felt to be the third most important element (45 per cent; 28 respondents).

The case¬study interviewees also highlighted the relationship between the governing body and the senior leadership team as the most crucial aspect of governance. Interviewees across three case¬study areas felt that governing bodies were most at ease with

More than one answer could be given so percentages may sum to more than 100. A total of 1572 respondents answered at least one item in this question. Source: NFER (Governance Models in Schools: Governor Survey, 2010)

The full Nfer Report by Tami McCrone,Clare Southcott and Nalia George can be found below

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