Sunday, 2 October 2011

New Ofsted Inspection Framework for 2012

The new Ofsted Inspection Framework for 2012 was published on Friday.
It is a final draft as the final version will wait until the Education Bill receives Royal Assent later this year.

From January 2012, school inspections will:

report on four key judgements:the achievement of pupils at the school
 the quality of teaching in the school
 the quality of leadership and management of the school (Including Governance)
 the behaviour and safety of pupils at the school

take account of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils when judging the overall effectiveness of the school

give more emphasis to reporting on pupils’ behaviour, with particular attention to conduct in lessons and around the school, and each pupil’s safety from bullying and harassment

take account of the extent to which the education provided by the school meets the needs of all the pupils at the school, and in particular those pupils who have a disability and pupils who have special educational needs
take particular account of pupils’ attainment and rates of progress when evaluating achievement
focus strongly on standards of reading and numeracy in primary schools and literacy in secondary schools, including observing pupils reading in primary schools
report on the effectiveness of the sixth form and early years provision within the other
reporting areas rather than as separate sections
report on the breadth and balance of the curriculum and its contribution to improving achievement for all pupils in every inspection report.

Ofsted's plans for Parent View

Parents’ views provide a really important insight into how well schools are doing and Ofsted says it is committed to improving the way they collect them. 
Parents tell OFSTED that anonymity is very important so that they feel able to give their views. Parents will be invited to respond to a series of closed questions about their child's school, such as the quality of teaching and how happy their child is.  OFSTED will not be providing an avenue for anonymous free comment or for responses on individual teachers or staff.
OFSTED will be launching the full details in the coming weeks.

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