Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Vital Statistics of Chairs of Governors

(Based on a sample of 2,200) Chairs of Governors are:   

49% female; 51% male.

Almost exclusively White British -97%.

 31% aged  40 - 49yrs; 
 28%  aged 50 – 59yrs;  
 33% over 60 years  
 Almost none under 40 yrs.

Experienced as governors - on average 5 years as a Chair Of Governors and 10 years as a school governor.

Often the parent of current (27%) or former pupils (41%).

Currently employed (61%) or retired (27%). 

70% of the employed Chairs of Governors are allowed  paid time by their employers for governing work.

They tend to have ‘professional’ occupations – typically teacher/lecturer, doctor, lawyer, consultant, civil servant, or manager/director

Typically spend  1 - 6 hours a week on governing issues, half of which is spent at the school -10% spend more than 10 hours

From the The Education and Employers Taskforce Second Research Conference, October 2011 Presentation. Full finding linked below


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