Friday, 15 June 2012

Fischer Family Trust (FFT)

This charitable organisation produces valuable information which benchmarks standards and progress measures for school. Details on these reports are available at:

FFT provide a number of values called Type A, Type B and Type D to help schools estimate what
their students might achieve.

These are based on considering what students have attained in past examinations.

• Type A: based on prior attainment (including marks where available, subject differences and teacher
assessments), gender and month of birth

• Type B: as Type A, but adjusted for the school’s context including FSM and geodemographic factors

• Type D: as Type B, but adjusted for the progress  made by students in schools at the 25th
percentile for value added (i.e. the top quarter of schools with similar contexts)

The FFT ‘D’ value is often suggested as the starting pointfor setting targets as it provides a
level of challenge and aspiration based on the schools context.

However, for some schools in challenging contexts, the FFT ‘D’ value may not be sufficient to
raise the school above the expected national thresholds and the context may act as a limiting
factor to the target set.

FFT Live is available at . To see how FFT Live can help your school, login for free with the username 9994002X (Secondary) or 9992004X(Primary). The password for both accounts is ANON.

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