Sunday, 3 June 2012

No Need to renew CRB Checks every 3 years

Ofsted have clarified that CRB’s do not need to be reviewed on a 3 year rolling programme.

Ofsted say 'The ‘three year rolling programme’ for all staff is a myth. There has never been a requirement for a rolling programme of three-yearly checks for staff who have unbroken service (that is, no break of three months or more). 

The only reference to three-year checks in Safeguarding children and safer recruitment in education is in appendix 11, where it is recommended for agency staff. Ofsted and the Department for Education have repeatedly pointed out that such routine checks for staff directly employed by a school or college are not required. Ofsted will consider such routine re-checks to be excessive, as they go beyond what the law requires or the Government recommends. They will not be considered evidence of good practice, and may be considered to represent a poor use of resources'.

It considered best practice for for governing bodies to note this at their next full governing body meeting and record it in their minutes.

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