Saturday, 18 December 2010

NGA looks for ideas for Chair of Governors Training

In the recent Schools White Paper, the Government has asked National College to update training for chairs of governors. The National College has in turn asked us the NGA to work with them on this project. So if you are a Chair of Governors with ideas of what are the crucial components in the training for the role, do send any thoughts to with the subject ‘training for chairs’. What is the most important thing you have learnt about being an effective chair, and what is the best way of learning? How are you making sure there is someone ready to take over the reins from you? Have you been on any training you would recommend to a new or aspiring chair?

Personally I believe there should be a face to face induction one day training course which includes head teachers at the training. This is what we do at Surrey and I believe it works very well.

I also believe the National College should partner with an on-line training provider to provide Chair of Governors training on-line in modules with both assessments and a certification process.

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