Thursday, 2 December 2010

Primary school pays a contractor to clear snow to stay open

A north Devon primary school is paying a private contractor to clear snow and stay open.

Marwood Primary School, near Barnstaple, Devon has spent £300 to keep the lane leading up to it open.

Highways authority Devon County Council said it could not afford to clear access to every primary school.

Other Barnstaple primary schools have been closed by the snow.

Marwood head teacher Alun Dobson said it was the school governors' policy to keep the school open for its 100 pupils.

Snow fell in the area, making a lane to the rural school dangerous.

Mr Dobson said: "We are not on a gritting route, so we had to use our own resources.

"This is our plan agreed by the governors, but we will be making representations to the county council to get the money back."

The policy of the Devon county council, which has issued a list of snow-affected schools, is to clear access to all secondary schools, but not all primary schools.

A spokesman said: "There are so many of the primary schools in rural locations that it would be unaffordable."

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  1. What an excellent plan. It’s not amazing you could charge admittance for, but it’s a large, exclusive system to draw people and it fits their theme.