Friday, 8 April 2011

Narrowing the Gap Questions Governors can ask

Narrowing the gap questions Governors can ask

Is the school identifying its vulnerable groups and pupils?

Who are they and which group is most vulnerable?

Is tracking of progress in place and how do you monitor this?

How does the progress of your vulnerable groups compare to local and national?

What is being done to improve/accelerate progress made by the vulnerable groups?

How does the school evidence pupil progress?

Who does the person responsible for assessment and monitoring report to?

How is the evidence used to raise standards further?

How does the school work with parents and carers to help them to support their children’s

How does the school celebrate achievement of all pupils including vulnerable groups

Whilst Narrowing the Gap is a specific project over a period of time, the quality of provision for pupils with SEN or who are CIC (Children in Care) will be on going and these questions could asked during an annual cycle of review.

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