Sunday, 3 April 2011

Questions Governors can ask about Attendance

Poor behaviour and attendance may be linked to personal challenges that pupils may be facing or, in some cases, influences from outside the school. School Governors should be aware of any impact these may have for individuals/families or groups of pupils and of how to look at how these could be addressed. Behaviour and attendance could be addressed as part of a resources/finance/staffing and/or teaching and learning/curriculum committee meeting.

What is your school’s agreed attendance target?

What is the overall level of attendance?

Does the school have an Attendance Policy and when was it updated?

What is the level of persistent absence (children with attendance of 80% and below)?

How many persistently absent (PA) pupils are there?
Who are the PA pupils? i.e. SEN, CIC (LAC), Behavioural needs.

What resources are in place to support them and how frequently are they monitored?

What strategies/interventions does your school use to improve attendance?

How is the impact of these interventions measured and how often are they reviewed?

Are all staff aware of their responsibilities regarding attendance in school and is there a senior member of staff allocated to attendance?

The governing body should be aware of the attendance levels and the level of persistent absence
in school.

School Governors should be familiar with their school’s agreed attendance target and should monitor the progress the school is making towards it.

The governing body should consider having a named governor with special responsibility for attendance.

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