Thursday, 7 April 2011

Time Off Work to Undertake Duties as a School Governor?

Am I Entitled to Any Time Off Work to Undertake My Duties as a Governor?

Under employment law, employers must give employees who are school governors “reasonable time off” to carry out their duties. The employee and employer have to agree on what is “reasonable time” off. Issues to be considered when arranging time off with your employer include:

How much time is needed to carry out your governor duties?

Whether the employee also has time off work for other activities?

The circumstances of the employer’s business and the impact the employee’s absence may have on it.

Employers do not have to give time off with pay.

You do not have a right for time off work for public duties if you are any of the following:

An agency worker

A member of the police service or armed forces

Employed on a gas or oil rig at sea

A merchant seaman

Employed on a fishing vessel

A civil servant whose public duties are connected to political activities restricted under the terms of your employment

If you qualify, you are allowed reasonable time off to go to meetings or to carry out your duties. The time must be agreed with your employer beforehand and your employer can refuse your request if it is unreasonable.

DirectGov has an online guide relating to time off to undertake public duties

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