Tuesday, 13 September 2011

School Governing Body Committees Part 5


There are two main points here. 

First, there are the general principles that all governors have an equal right to be members of committees and that the Headteacher has a right to attend all meetings

Secondly, there are a number of Regulations requesting governors to withdraw from meetings when certain issues are under discussion.  These apply to committee meetings as well as full governing body meetings.  The overall effect of these is that employees at the school should not be members of  implementation committees - i.e., committees considering individual cases of staff pay or appraisal, staff discipline or redundancy, pupil exclusion or parental complaints.

However, the Headteacher, as manager of the school, should attend such committee meetings to present his/her advice to the committee. 

If the Headteacher is the subject of the decision being considered - e.g., it is his/her pay, disciplinary or dismissal which is in question - he/she is entitled to attend the committee meeting to present his/her case, but must withdraw when the committee considers its decision.

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