Thursday, 1 September 2011

Year Planner Checklist for School Governors

The School Summer Holidays are almost over and a new school year is nearly upon us.

Below is a Year Planner Checklist from the DfE to plan the governor year ahead

Year planner checklist for School governors 

General tasks to be performed on a regular basis 

Key tasks

• Monitor school improvement plan

• Organise support and training for governors

• Arrange governors’ visits to the school

• Curriculum area reports

• Committee meeting

Statutory tasks

• Governing body meeting

General tasks to be performed any time throughout the year

Key tasks

• Complete asset management plan

• Induction of new governors

• Preparation for Ofsted inspection

• Receive friends/parents association report

• Review child protection policy

• Complete self-evaluation form

Statutory tasks

• Appoint clerk

• Review delegation of functions and committee structures

• Review terms of reference of committees

• Complete special educational needs report

• Complete school profile

Autumn term Key tasks

• Set dates of meetings for the year

• Set objectives for the governing body for the year

• Review public examination results/national tests

• Approve school improvement plan

• Receive head teacher’s report

• Review performance management policy

Statutory tasks

• Elect chair and vice-chair (and schedule next election)

• Decide committee structure, membership and terms of reference

• Review head teacher performance

• Review school charging policy, e.g. school trips

• Draw up freedom of information publication scheme

• Set pupil performance targets

Spring term Key tasks

• Agree curriculum plans for 2009/10

• Review school improvement plan progress

• Review equal opportunities policy

Statutory tasks

• Review pay policy

• Agree budget and staffing structure

• Agree school prospectus

• Publish proposals and admission arrangements for the following autumn

• Review special educational needs policy

Summer term Key tasks

• Review of governing body’s performance/procedures

• Review attendance of pupils / staff / governors

• Review pupil exclusions for the year

• Review school improvement plan progress

• Review governors’ visits

• Review careers advice

Statutory tasks

• Review the pay of teachers and staff

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