Friday, 12 November 2010

Former School Governor faces charges

I read a story this morning about a former school governor of Plymstock School in Devon being charged with a string of child pornography offences.

This is about the forth story in the media this year where a former School governor has been charged with child pornography which is very sad in itself.

Other stories about former School governors involve fraud or assaults.

Whilst I understand and support the local media stance to expose and name this individual on the grounds of public interest I do question the relevance of whether he was once a school governor and therefore tarnishing both the image of the school and governing body which he served on.

In this story I believe it was much more relevant that he was the president of the magic circle with possible access to children rather than a school governor with limited or supervised access to children.

It seems to me that when anyone is charged with any criminal offence the fact they were once a School governor is dragged up and becomes the headline of the story.

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