Thursday, 11 November 2010

GMB calls for Chair of Governors to resign

The GMB union is calling for a primary school governor to resign after 'failing to act’ over a complaint of sexual harassment against the head teacher.

The GMB received a complaint from a female member of staff against headteacher Andrew Gould at Westcourt Primary School in Gravesend.

The GMB claim Graham Walker, the school’s chairman of the governors, has so far failed to act on the information received.

The complainant alleged that an email sent by headteacher Andrew Gould, about her, said: "slags me of one minute and as nice as pie the it her whoremoans".

This story hit the local press

This is the GMB press release

Obviously we have to take the story at face value as reported but it seems strange that a Chair of Governors would not investigate a serious allegation like this against a head teacher.

I am sure there is a clearly defined complaints procedure so it begs the question why it has got to this level with the GMB.

Unfortunately Graham Walker the Chair of the Governors has little chance of right of reply but if you are reading this Graham you can set the record straight here on my blog.

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