Saturday, 13 November 2010

Governing Bodies have a ridiculous amounts of power!?

A former Chair of Governors at a Primary School has taken the unusual step of going public with her bizarre views on school governing bodies, saying they have “ridiculous amounts of power.”

Liz Ashby is the former chair of the governing body at Northfields First School. While in post, she claims she became aware of loops in the system, which she feels can be abused. She also feels there are not enough checks and balances to ensure governing bodies don’t exploit their power.

She criticised the current system saying: “Anyone can go in there with very little training and make decisions on local schools which have huge implications.” She added “I think governing bodies have ridiculous amounts of power, should they choose to use it.”

Full story in local press of South Norwich News

Is it me or is this story just bizarre? Does anyone else believe governing Bodies have a ridiculous amounts of power.

School governors have been called many things but power crazed dictators with an ambition for world educational domination is not one of them ;-)

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