Thursday, 25 November 2010

Strong leader or Bully?

A headteacher of a primary school has been banned from teaching for two years after he bullied and intimidated his staff.

Bryan Eade, of Coningsby St Michael's Church Of England Primary School, was banned by the General Teaching Council following a 2 day inquiry into the allegations against him.

The GTC said Mr Eade had bullied and intimidated his staff, failed to foster an open, fair and equitable culture, failed to create effective working relations and failed to delegate responsibilities appropriately.

Mr Eade denied the allegations and said he had not intended to bully or intimidate anyone and that he had been acting as a strong leader.

The GTC said that following complaints by teachers at the school about Mr Eade's conduct, the school governors carried out an investigation and interviewed 20 staff.

Sean Westaway, the chair of governors, gave evidence at the hearing and confirmed that some staff were bullied and intimidated. He described Mr Eade as dictatorial and said he had been dismissed following the investigation.

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