Monday, 28 November 2011

Are we relatively stronger or weaker in English compared to mathematics?

Question 4: Are we relatively stronger or weaker in English compared to mathematics?

Just as the attainment of different groups of pupils can vary within a school, so too can attainment in different subjects. 

Up to now we have focused on “threshold” measures of attainment, which quantify how many pupils “jumped the hurdle”, such as achieving at least level 4 at Key Stage 2,but provides no further information about the extent to which they either cleared it or missed it.

Average point scores are another method of summarising attainment data that take account of the full range of pupil outcomes at a School. 

Levels achieved in National Curriculum Tests or Teacher Assessments can be converted into “points” using a table.

A pupil is expected to progress by one level every 2 academic years. In terms of points, the difference between one level and the next is 6 points. As there are 6 terms in 2 academic years, then one point approximates to one term’s progress. This is a useful rule of thumb when interpreting points scores.

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