Saturday, 12 November 2011

Staff Deployment during Industrial Action in Schools

Staff deployment

Where teachers are employed under the School Teachers Pay and Conditions document, they cannot be compelled to provide cover for other teachers - unless the circumstances are unforeseen.
Provisions within teachers’ terms and conditions, such as ‘rarely cover’, do not, however, prevent head teachers from asking other teachers to cover the classes of those taking industrial action.
Cover supervisors - or teachers who are employed wholly or mainly to provide cover and are not taking industrial action themselves - can be directed to provide cover during industrial action.
The Specified Work Regulations ensure teaching in maintained schools is only provided by those qualified to do so.
However, the Regulations;
  • do not prevent schools from using support staff to provide cover supervision, or oversee alternative activities
  • allow for some teaching assistants - in certain circumstances - to carry out teaching roles
  • apply to Academies through their Funding Agreements - but not to Free Schools.

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