Tuesday, 29 November 2011

How does pupil attendance compare to national averages?

Question 5: how does pupil attendance compare to national averages?

In RAISEonline a number of analyses are provided that compare pupils’ overall absence from your school with:

• The national average for all primary schools; and

• A derived average for “similar” schools based on levels of free school meal eligibility.

This data can be viewed from the School Level Absence and Exclusions report in RAISEonline.

The report also shows the proportion of pupils classified as “persistent absentees”. 

Historically they have been defined as missing at least 20% of possible sessions (half 
days) during the course of the academic year. In some cases this may be due to a prolonged bout of illness. However, in other cases it arises as a result of frequent, short bouts of absence or truancy.

For 2011 a second, more stringent, measure of persistent absence has been introduced 
based on missing 15% of sessions.

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