Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Changes to the Admissions Code

The Department for Education have confirmed that the proposed Admissions Code and draft regulations will be laid before Parliament in December 2011, in order to come into force in February 2012, and thereby affect the allocation of places for children starting school in September 2013.
Key Admissions proposals include:
  • Giving adopted children who were previously in care the same, highest priority for places as looked-after children
  • Introducing a ‘national offer day’ for primary places, mirroring that for secondary offers
  • Giving greater freedom to schools to increase the number of places they are able to offer to parents
  • Allowing schools to prioritise the children of staff employed there for two or more years, or who will meet a skills shortage
  • Allowing infant classes to exceed the statutory limit where the 31st child is a twin or from multiple births, or of armed forces personnel
  • Allowing academies to prioritise disadvantaged children who are eligible for the Pupil Premium
  • Allowing schools to take direct applications from parents to help reduce delays in finding a school place once term starts.

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