Sunday, 12 June 2011

Commercialisation & Advertising in Schools

Earlier this week I was asked by BBC Breakfast to comment as a parent on commercialisation, advertising and product placement within schools.

My interview said that commercialisation in Schools was nothing new and it is my hope that Schools and governors would take a common sense approach while using a moral compass on what is right and wrong where exposure to brands of children or young adults are concerned.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) are calling for UK wide guidelines like the one's adopted in Scotland but my view is these guidelines already exist in England too.

In 2000 the ISBA together with the then DCSF released guidelines on commercialisation. These guidelines have been updated again in 2008.

I believe the guidelines for England are still relevant and can be found here:

I also said government should not bring in yet more regulations for schools and governors on this matter.

The latest advice from Scotland published in 2009 entitled Pupils before Pounds

Obviously my comments weren't controversial enough as my interview remains on the BBC cutting room floor. I was speaking as a parent and as a spokesman of so I guess they were hoping I was going to angrily speak out against Schools or the Advertisers.

In the current financial climate I believe Schools & Governors should decide on a case by case basis whether they should enter into commercial agreements with companies and where it is appropriate.

I still remain in hope that governing bodies and parents would call a school to account if they cross the moral line with over exposure of brands of advertising messages.

UPDATED: The full BBC news story including an interview our school's head teacher lasting 17 minutes can be found uploaded on Youtube here:

Much of the playground school imagery in the clip was filmed at our school.

I am keen to hear people's views on commercialisation and advertising in Schools.

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