Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Teachers Strike 30th June Advice for Governing Bodies

On 14th June Members of the NUT & ATL voted to strike for one day on 30th June

The NUT FAQ on Industrial Action can be found below


The ATL FAQ on Industrial Action can be found below


The Law

Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992

Employment Relations Act 2004


Test Legal Case why Pay Deductions are calculated at 1/365th instead of 1/195th


The Unions are required to give notice to employers which could be the Local Authority or a Trust for Foundations and Academies.

School Governors are piggy in the middle yet again between Government reforms, the local authority employers and the teachers.

Some Advice from the LGG

Advice for Governing Bodies from Local Authorities

Advice from Surrey County Council can be found here http://db.tt/OVKoSjk

Advice from Suffolk County Council can be found here http://is.gd/o5yaDI

Advice from West Sussex Council can be found here http://db.tt/oWXYQEZ

Advice from Staffs can be found here http://db.tt/eGfCxj8

Advice from Norfolk can be found here https://csapps.norfolk.gov.uk/csshared/ecourier2/misheet.asp?misheetid=17538

Norfolk Industrial Action FAQ here http://csapps.norfolk.gov.uk/csshared/ecourier2/fileoutput.asp?id=11142

NGA National Governors Association Advice on Industrial Action

http://www.nga.org.uk/Teachers'%20Pensions%20industrial%20Action.aspx You need to be a NGA member to login to access this link

Department of Education Emergency Planning Advice


Michael Gove Letter to Local Authorities


Michael Gove Letter to Head Teachers and copied to Chair of Governors


Michael Gove Letter to Academies


More Resources

Advice from the National Employers’ Organisation for School Teachers (NEOST)


Clerk to Governor Blog Advice


What will the other unions do?

NAHT Story in TES that Headteachers will be balloted for industrial action


The Voice Union and their No Strike principle


NASUWT Decision to wait for outcome of negotiations before taking action


I have started two forum threads on the subject on both UKGovernors.Org.UK and Linkedin UK School Governors Group which you might want to join in on. I am also interested to hear any other advice you have received from your Local Authority or Governor Association.



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