Friday, 17 June 2011

Professionalisation of Clerking: Addressing accountability

Addressing accountability

Lack of accountability to the taxpayer is a continuing theme to which the media regularly return.

Specific to governing bodies was the removal of the requirements to provide a written Annual Report to Parents (ARP) and to hold an Annual Report to Parents Meeting. The ARP was replaced with the School Profile, an online document. This is generally viewed by governors, headteachers and other professionals as not fit for the purpose intended and the lack of parental awareness of the existence of this document bears out that view. The abolition of FMSiS also threatens the governing body's financial transparency.

By giving the clerk to the governing body responsibility for enhanced public-facing accountabilities, governing bodies will be confident that they are being accountable and being seen to be so.

This article is based on a paper shared at the Co-ordinators of Governor Services (COGS) conference 2010.

Written by: David Marriott

About the author

David Marriott is an education consultant specialising in governance and school leadership.

Taken from School Governor Update

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