Saturday, 18 June 2011

Professionalisation of Clerking: Enhanced status

Enhanced status

Enhancing the status of clerks has the potential to transform the way governing bodies work and maximise their impact on school effectiveness. Shifting important responsibilities from the volunteer group to a professional postholder will allow governing bodies to focus on their strategic and scrutiny roles.

The clerk would continue to serve the governing body but would have clear responsibilities and independent decision-making powers designed to ensure governing body accountability and effectiveness.

Ofsted criteria for judging governing body effectiveness have made the need for trained clerks more explicit. In tandem with the introduction of enhanced status of clerks, should be training requirements so that expectations are detailed and standards consistent.

The introduction of a nationally recognised qualification with set standards, allied to those required of company secretaries, would provide clerks with high-level transferable skills and a career path.

This article is based on a paper shared at the Co-ordinators of Governor Services (COGS) conference 2010.

Written by: David Marriott

About the author

David Marriott is an education consultant specialising in governance and school leadership.

Taken from School Governor Update

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