Friday, 24 June 2011

E-Mail Protocol for School Governors

There are often concerns raised by School governors and headteachers regarding the inappropriate use of e-mail in the context of conducting the work of the governing body.

As the governing body is a corporate body then all decisions should be taken in an open and transparent manner,utilising the processes defined in the governing body’s terms of reference.

Although e-mail is excellent tool to distribute agendas and papers for meetings using it to make decisions outside of the meeting process nor to rally support for a particular initiative is questionable to say the least.

It is suggested that governing bodies might like to discuss which topics are appropriate for communication by e-mail, and this would probably include the review of policies.


• Is e-mail the correct medium for what you want to say? Might it be better to talk on the phone or even face to face?

• Write concisely and get to the point. As with any written communication – re-read before sending. A common criticism of e-mail is that it can be abrupt in tone – how will your email be received do you think?

• Never discuss performance appraisal or competency concerns via e-mail

• Complex issues should be discussed at meetings in order that all concerned have an opportunity to influence the outcome

• Do not use e-mail as an opportunity to vent your frustration when things are not going well!

This is based on an article in Surrey Governor by the Governance Manager as a gentle reminder to school governors to consider whether to e-mail or pick up the telephone or even call a meeting.

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