Monday, 6 June 2011

Effective Governing Body Case Study: Pickering Community Infant and Nursery School, North Yorkshire

Pickering Community Infant and Nursery School, North Yorkshire

The school serves a market town and the surrounding rural area.
The three governors who were delegated to carry out the headteacher’s performance management developed particularly effective practices for setting, monitoring and evaluating the headteacher’s performance on an annual basis. Objectives were set that were linked to the school improvement plan priorities. Governors then agreed the success criteria to be used to evaluate each objective. Each of the three performance management governors took responsibility for one of three objectives. Using the school improvement plan, each governor identified with the headteacher the range and type of activities that would be taking place during the course of the year and how the governor would be able to collect evidence that activities had been undertaken and were having an impact. Each governor was responsible for collecting the agreed evidence. For example, one objective related to improving standards in writing across the school. The governor visited classes to collect examples of writing at the beginning of the year, during the year and at the end of the year; attended writing workshops with the subject leader; observed staff training sessions on writing; spoke to pupils about their attitudes to writing and about the progress that they were making.

At the termly review meetings, each governor was responsible for reporting on the progress that had been made towards their allocated objective. Governors stated that this process had allowed them to get to know the work of the school first hand and had given them a better understanding of the process of school improvement.

Governors were also effective in supporting and training new governors to understand how to implement this process. As a result of the success of this strategy, individual governors have adopted some aspects of the implementation of the school improvement plan to monitor and evaluate

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