Wednesday, 21 December 2011

1,310 Primary Schools below floor standard

The Government have announed they will target the weakest primary schools in a bid to turn around under-performance.

The announcement follows the results of more than 16,000 schools’ Key Stage 2 tests – taken by 11-year-olds this May – were published.

They show that every child in 265 primary schools not only achieved at least the expected level in both English and maths, but also made the expected progress.

The tables highlight, for the first time, the schools – some in challenging areas – which transform the life chances of pupils who were struggling at age seven but who leave primary achieving better than expected.

However, the figures also reveal that 1,310 primary schools were below the standard – and about 150 have been below the floor for five years in a row.

 This year’s Key Stage 2 statistics show that:

  • A third of 11-year-olds are still not doing well enough in the three Rs

  • One in 10 boys leave primary school with the reading age of a seven-year-old

  • One in 14 boys leave primary school with the writing age of an seven-year-old

  • The percentage of children achieving the expected level in both English and maths rose one percentage point to 74 per cent. But the proportion achieving above that expected level is down in English and in writing – and by eight percentage points in reading.

DfE Press Release

DfE: National Curriculum Assessments at Key Stage 2 in England 2010/2011 (revised)

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