Saturday, 17 December 2011

Schools Funding Statement

 The DfE announced the school funding for 2012-13 through the Dedicated Schools Grant. Funding for 2012-13 will be pretty much the same a this year - a flat cash settlement with safeguards to ensure that local authorities with falling roll numbers do not receive a reduction in funding of more than 2% in cash terms. The minimum funding guarantee will remain at the same level as this year.

Transitional protection will continue until 2015-16 for sixth forms with a plan to fund a further 34,000 places to meet demand with the increase in the participation age.
Overall capital funding will be £800m for the shortage of pupil places (basic need) and £1.4bn for maintenance. The Department is changing the way that it allocates the funding but has pledged that no local authority will receive less than 80% of the funding they would have received on the previous method. The extra £600m announced in the autumn statement is separate to this funding and will be allocated ‘towards basic need.’

£276m has been retained to meet the maintenance needs of academies and £107m has been allocated to the maintenance and building needs of sixth forms. £59m of the sixth form money will be put into the Building Condition Improvement Fund to help fund priority building for sixth forms and colleges. £44m will be used to fund addition places within sixth forms and colleges in areas of demographic pressures.

Here is the announcement

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