Friday, 9 December 2011

Decision planner for governing bodies

The DfE updated their Governance section of their website on 12th December 2011

The first governing body decision planner formed part of the guidance document The Roles of Governing Bodies and Headteachers, which accompanied the Education (School Government) (Terms of Reference) (England) Regulations 2000 (SI2000/2122).

With the introduction of the Education Act 2002, governing bodies were freed from many of the restrictions placed on them. This allowed them far greater freedom to carry out their roles and duties. Therefore, rather than suggesting particular roles the governing body and headteacher might play (as set out within the previous decision planner), the updated decision planner relates to the delegation of functions by the governing body. It defines if a particular task has to be legally undertaken by the whole governing body or whether it can be delegated to a committee of the governing body, an individual member of the governing body or to the headteacher – in other words, the minimum level to which a task or responsibility of the governing body can be legally delegated.

This version of the planner aims to help governing bodies perform their strategic leadership role more effectively, by delegating tasks and decisions appropriately.

Governing bodies should be aware that if they choose to delegate a function to a committee, they must establish terms of reference for that committee and these terms must be reviewed annually.  PDF Version Word Doc

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