Thursday, 22 December 2011

NPQH to become optional with effect from early 2012

The NPQH  Qualification is to become non mandatory from next year, prospective head teachers will be able to take a new enhanced qualification.

The current qualification – the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) – is to be overhauled to allow prospective head teachers from all types of schools the chance to develop the best skills for the job.

All first-time head teachers in the maintained sector are currently required to hold the NPQH.

As signalled in the Schools White Paper 'The Importance of Teaching', the National College was asked to review the qualification to ensure it matches the best in the world, learns from other leading qualifications such as MBAs, meets the highest standards for leadership development and is based on what is required to be an effective head teacher.

In the light of the review, Ministers have today announced that:
  • NPQH will become optional with effect from early 2012 – subject to the Parliamentary process – and developed for all prospective heads in both the maintained and the non-maintained sector such as academies and independent schools.

  • The bar for entry and assessment for the qualification will be raised.

  • The content made more demanding through the introduction of a core curriculum focusing on the key skills of headship including leadership of teaching and learning, and with a greater emphasis on behaviour.

  • The revised qualification will be launched in spring 2012 with the first participants starting in September 2012.

NGA Press Release

The NGA welcomes the announcement by the Department for Education that the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) is to be made more rigorous. A redesigned NPQH must ensure that prospective heads have the full range of skills and knowledge to lead schools effectively not only in terms of teaching and learning but in managing the organisation. School governors are responsible for appointing headteachers and the NGA is not clear how making the qualification non-compulsory will improve the quality of headship candidates.

DfE Press release

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